Monday, November 5, 2018

Our Friend Viv...

We've had some poopy people interactions in our move to Colorado.

Some real poopy ones.

But I wanna tell you about a not-so-poopy one. I wanna tell ya about an awesome one.

I wanna tell ya about our friend Viv who we met here at Starbucks.

That's Viv right there...

At first - she was simply making our coffee for us. And let's be honest - Whole30 has destroyed fancy schmancy sugary coffee for us - so Viv was basically pouring us our Venti Iced Coffees, black with no sweetener - and serving 'em up with a smile.

But quickly it became more than a smile. It became:

"Hey Tymm!" or "Hi there Laura!" when we walked in the door.

It became questions about the kids and simple talks about simple things in life.

It became handwritten notes on our cups encouraging us to have a great day.

It became our order waiting for us at the register cuz she knew us well.

It turned in to Viv and Laura grabbing coffee (the irony is not lost here) to talk about life.

It looked like the "dad of daughters" in me feeling compelled to lean across the counter one day and tell her "Hey... our family loves you and if you ever need ANYTHING from us - we're right here!"

And then... this past Saturday night - it looked like this:

Laura got that text message from Viv the night before Baptism Sunday was gonna happen!


And so after crawling down in that baptismal with me to dunk our Z-Dogg in His name... Laura stayed down there...

She grabbed Viv in a hug and spoke real, true words over her about His love for her...

About Him moving in her...

About Him having incredible plans for her life and how He was already using her...

About how she she was glorifying Him...

And then she dunked her!

Woo Hoo!

And man - what an awesome, holy and special thing to be invited to be part of!

Later that night - we went by Starbucks because we knew Viv was working and we just wanted to share our excitement and happiness for her again!

And we needed a new "family picture" with her cuz we voted and we all agreed - she's an honorary member of Camp Hoffman now people!

Viv - our family is thankful for your life and super grateful that God saw it fit for our paths to cross!

And we're super thankful that you see your position at Starbucks as way more than just pouring a coffee! Your ministry is obvious and it's big!

Keep on being the YOU that you are!

Everybody needs a Viv...

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