Saturday, November 3, 2018

Pass It To Mebbie!

Somebody had her first basketball game of the season today...

And she was LOVING it!

She didn't play last season so I wasn't too sure what to expect...

But after attending her last two practices - I could tell something had clicked with her and this game.

She seemed to REALLY be getting it.

She was dribbling well - with both hands and while running.

She was aware of the rules and not violating any of them.

She was transitioning quickly from offense to defense and had a great grasp on zone vs. man defense.

She was shooting - AND HITTING - shots on a 10-foot goal!

And she was hustling her face off!

And I wasn't the only one who noticed it either.

I caught her coach looking to her for a whole lot throughout the entire game...

He had her center court for jump ball (she nailed it)...

He had her in almost the entire game...

He had appointed somebody else as point guard - but about 3 minutes in - it became "throw it in to Mebbie - Mebbie YOU bring it down the court!"

And she shocked me how well she read the court - waved people to positions and then hit them with passes.

Eventually - the coaching started sounding like this:

Pass it to Mebbie!

I'm not saying she was perfect - we got a lot to work on - but she SHOCKED me for not having played in a long time.

And the number one thing - the thing we ALWAYS focus on in all of their sports - was this:

Make sure you're smiling and make sure you're having fun!

And she did both of those things - and more!

She's so humble in her sports - never seeking glory - and she was the first person high-fiving ANYBODY ELSE who made a shot or did something great.

That attitude matters the most... and this daddy couldn't possibly be any more proud of her today!

Anxious to see where she goes with this sport!

Way to hoop, Mebbie - WAY TO HOOP!

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