Saturday, November 10, 2018

Pop, Pop Goes The Ankle... The Ankle

I was about two thirds of the way up the Incline (a steep set of steps I like to scoot up)... when my phone rang.

"Laura Hoffman Is Calling"

She never calls when I'm on the Incline... we text a lot but she never calls... kinda freaked me out!

A quick phone call later and then she sends me this picture up there of Meron looking pitiful!

She had been at a Gymnastics Birthday Party and had jacked up ankle pretty bad and even heard a "Pop!"

Now they were at an urgent care and that sucker was looking pretty swollen and they were going to X-Ray it to rule out any breaks or fractures (we hoped!)

About 2 hours after arriving she headed out with a professionally wrapped, slightly sprained ankle with NO BREAKS!

Woo Hoo!

So now we elevate, rest, miss one week of P.E. at school and start bearing weight on it tomorrow to get her back in the game!

She had to miss a church event tonight where she was supposed to be working the Family Movie Night - and she was bummed - but we're all pretty grateful right now for no breaks!

So tonight - she chills in the guest room to avoid the steps as we all say some prayers of praise and thanks for things like "sprains only!"

Heal up quick big girl!

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