Sunday, November 11, 2018

Smiley Faces, Hearts and World Adoption Day

I know I'm a hair late to this - but I had to process it a bit.

World Adoption Day was this past Friday (November 9th) - a day set aside to celebrate family and raise awareness for adoption.

And anybody who knows me knows I am ALL about that!

But the movement calls for folks to rally on social media with a smiley face drawn on their hand and to spread awareness through that and a hash tag.

And that had me feeling some sort of way...

Because if I'm honest - the smiley face is just a piece of the bigger picture.

In reality... it kinda starts right here.

Adoption starts with loss. With trauma. With pain.

With tears. With lost identity and hard questions.

It starts with separation...

It starts with HEARTBREAK.

And as much as we like to romanticize it and make it seem like love fixes it all... the fact is - it doesn't always work that way.

Matter of fact...

It rarely works that way.

What comes next is definitely loving...

And talking. And sharing. And crying.

And praying. And understanding. And listening. And trusting.

And learning. And unlearning. And growing. And strengthening.

And eventually... maybe... some HEALING.

And then... THEN comes some smiley faces!

And laughter. And joy. And hugging.

And loving. And continual learning. And more trusting.

And answers. And comfort. And found identities.

And SMILEY FACES galore!

See... I KNOW my kids' stories.

I know them well... and they're not ALL smiles.

And I have far too many friends who said "Okay, God..." and jumped in only to find themselves walking really hard, really painful, really challenging paths for me to be able to reduce the awareness and celebration to a single SMILEY FACE.

Nope - I think it is ALL THREE things that make up the awareness we need to be pushing.

The brokenness, the healing and the eventual redemption that can lead to smiles.

I've always said - from day one - that God intended for us to be with our original families - but a fallen world full of fallen circumstances often gets in the way of that... and that's where God steps in with His solution.

Adoption to me is God's Holy and Redeeming Solution to a fallen world's problematic transgressions.

I know this much for sure... it hasn't always been easy around here - it certainly hasn't always been smiles... but to know He is smack in the middle of it with us has been nothing short of amazing and He has grown us ALL in the process.

ADOPTION... hard, painful, overwhelming at times... but SO SO worth it!

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