Saturday, November 24, 2018

They Rock... and They Roll!

The turkey had settled, the pumpkin pie was being prepped - and the goofballs were downstairs practicing to put on "a show!"

There was Mebbie on guitar and backing vocals...

There was Z-Dogg - or "ANIMAL" - on the drum kit (and lil dude was killing it!)...

And of course the Meronator was lead singer - front and center!

I absolutely love that these guys will still go downstairs - allow their imagination to run wild - practice for like HOURS...

And then put on a show for us!

They even had "VIP Tickets" for us with front row seats and they had a raffle that Laura won off of her ticket number!

They got the whole "band self-promotion" thing down pat!

Goofballs... believe in yourself - and never stop creating and performing!

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