Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Best Gifts Ever

As I am sure every parent would attest to - outside of His gift of grace, love and eternity - our kids are the best gift we could have ever received.

And it certainly stands true for me!

Sitting here this morning - staring at these three precious gifts from God - it's easy for me to feel overwhelmed because I certainly don't deserve this!

And then - they wanna give me their cards - which they are more excited about than ANY of their presents...

And it's darn near impossible for me to keep it together as I read their precious words...

Meron... my "daddy's girl" supreme - had me fighting tears as I read her precious words!

And then there was Mebbie - sweet, compassionate, empathetic Mebbie!

And FUNNY MEBBIE - as she turned her hat into a rainbow!

She had me feeling all sorts of ways!

And then Z-Dogg... a man of few words - but grabbing my heart with how long he spent drawing this for me!

I'm a blessed man - who certainly doesn't deserve this level of gifting at Christmas...

But I wouldn't trade them for ANY gift... no matter what!

I hope every mom and dad out there today was counting their blessings as they looked at their best gifts ever!

Merry Christmas, world!

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