Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Ti, Do

Tonight was Meron's Honor Chorus Christmas show and I was stoked to get to go see our girl doing something she loves!

She's been getting up early every Tuesday and Thursday so she could be out the house about 45 minutes earlier than usual for before school practice... and she has stayed pretty dedicated to it!

Honestly - i wasn't sure what to expect... i had visions of the Southpark Christmas Show where Cartman goes rogue on "O Holy Night"

But I was SHOCKED... these guys were AMAZING!

Not that I didn't think they could do it... but again... Southpark Visions people!

Meron's joy was palpable up there... and after a pretty hard day for her - I was super glad to see it!

She even auditioned for a speaking part - landed it - and had to memorize her part to recite before one of their songs...


They finished out the show with a song that included elementary, middle school and high school chorus all together... and they killed it!

I love seeing this girl shine with her friends and leverage the skills and talents God has given her to bring joy to both her and those around her!

Way to go Meron... you were awesome!

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