Sunday, December 30, 2018

Straight Up Now Tell Me...

This girl done straight up went and straight up straightened her hair!

What, what, what?!?

I have been giving her a hard time cuz I absolutely LOVE her natural and curly hair...

But she was so excited about it that i had to give her some support!

I think it's only like the second time ever they have straightened it - cuz it takes her and Laura like 4 hours or something... NUTS!

We explained to her that we don't wanna damage it by doing this very often - and also the power that her natural, curly, gorgeous hair has in its natural state!

She totally gets it too... it was just a little something different for a few days.

And while she looks TOTALLY ADORABLE no matter what - I keep threatening to sneak in while she's sleeping and toss some water on her hair to spring it back to her curly state!


Meron... you glow from the soul-side-out no matter what your hair style is!

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