Saturday, January 5, 2019


So... Meron cruised into winter break with a goal of doing some catch up reading so she would be on point with the rest of her class as she moves in to a new classroom for second semester.

Well... we all decided to help support her as she caught up on her reading of "Chains" by Laurie Halse Anderson.

But what started out as her family having her back - has turned in to something much bigger...

We are ALL loving this book!

So pretty much every night we all gather around and I read a few chapters out loud to the whole family.

Yes, I am rocking basketball shorts, compression pants and a winter hat with a ball on it. Don't judge! It's my "post workout outfit" and I am in it like 90% of the time.

As I am reading it - Meron has been following along and has spent some time reading a few chapters herself with her sister...

And speaking of her sister - Mebbie is WAY in to this book too - and has been following along the whole time as well!

Hear me... this is NOT easy, fun, cute, lovable historical fiction to read.

But this book is a must read in this current climate we're living in today in this country.

It's a peek into the way racism and slavery were RAMPANT and FOUNDATIONAL in the construction of "America the Beautiful."

And while it hits super close for our crew based on the way God chose to build our family - I think it's a great read for ANYBODY and can certainly give some historical understanding behind how we got where we are!

Way to go goofballs - for having a mind that wants to learn and know and understand...

Read on, Camp Hoffman... READ ON!

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