Friday, January 4, 2019

Daddy's Little Girl

Goodness gracious this girl right here... she is growing up so fast...

And I love her so much!

Laura and the goofballs came to Compassion to have lunch with me today - and as I was walking out to the van - I was about 30 yards away when the side door flew open and out jumps meron...

Lunchbox swinging in her hand she was sprinting towards me as fast as she could - huge smile on her face.

Laura told me she said: "There's daddy... I'm going to him..." and she bolted.

That vision of her just running to me stuck with me all day.

Reminded me of toddler Meron wobbling all over but headed towards Daddy.

This girl has always been a "Daddy's Girl" and will be my little baby for as long as we're kicking!

She brings me joy, happiness, love and so much laughter!

Meron - you are FOREVER my little girl!

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