Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Dear 2019...

I love the beginning of a new year.

It's like a welcoming pat on the back after you made it through the last 365 days intact and still breathing.

It's like a blank slate... a clean sheet of paper set out before ya - waiting for you to conquer it.

I love the invitation to come do ANYTHING!

And I don't really do officially declared resolutions... I mean we eat pretty well - been exercising our faces off as a family - are pushing hard ahead with Brighton Their World... so all the standard go to resolutions I feel like we're hitting.

But that doesn't mean we don't have dreams or goals or things we'd love to toss out at that blank slate of a new year...

Like Z-Dogg for instance!

He watched the entire Rocky series of movies all the way through Creed II this year with us... and now he is dead set on building some big muscles in 2019!

Rock on, Z-Dogg!

We're rooting for ya and can't wait to see your big muscles!

And then there's Mebski Love!

a Her new found love for the sport of basketball is high on her priority list... and she wants to perfect her crossover dribble and her between the legs move.

You got this Mebbie!

And we can't forget the Meronator!

This beautiful girl is chasing down her love of singing and plans on taking some lessons and just keep belting it out to get more comfortable with a mic in her hand.

Sing on Meron - your voice is BEAUTIFUL!

And okay... there's me.

Just because I don't declare resolutions - doesn't mean I don't have some goals for the new year.

Several involve writing projects and taking them to completion.

I'd like to run the NYC Marathon.

I'd love to take a photography class.

I'd like to be a better husband and better daddy.

I'd certainly love to find myself more in the middle of God's will for me and to realize it in the moment.

And so many more...

But here's the deal goofballs (and Tymm... mostly Tymm really)... these goals are awesome - but hear me on this...

If you don't resolve to conquer them all - or even anything you set out to do in 2019 - but you maintain a heart for Him - a spirit of empathy and compassion - a bold and courageous faith that fights for justice and equality... if you do everything you do to honor Him and bring Him glory with your words and your actions...

If you do that and accomplish NONE of your goals...

You are still a champion of royal lineage made in His image!

So go after your goals strong and with dedication, desire and perseverance...

but never ever forget why we're chasing them and who we're chasing them for.

Let's do this 2019... you and us... let's shine!

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