Thursday, January 24, 2019

Even When Others Won't...

Man... there are times - most of the time really - in parenting - when you just wonder to yourself:

"Am I just totally getting this wrong? Messing it ALL up?"

And then... one of the precious little gifts He blessed ya with goes and tells ya something like this...

She said, "Daddy - we talked about heroes today and I had to get up and tell the class who my hero was..."

I asked her what she said and she told me:

"My hero is my daddy... because he stands up for what is right all the time... even when others won't..."

Whoa... what?

I'm not crying... you're crying!

I was humbled to the very core...

Every message of hate I have received over the last couple of years due to the stances and positions I have taken can take a back seat cuz none of them matter to me.

But THIS? This matters!

She thought my super hero stance - chest thrust out and arms back - was really ridiculous!

So we tried a different one - and it stuck!

Meron... you have NO idea what those words mean to me, girl.

And the fact is sweetie...

You are MY hero, big girl!

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