Thursday, January 10, 2019

Rolling in the Honor

Man... the second part of the school year started yesterday - and today these goofballs got to bring home their report cards...

And I couldn't be more proud of these two gifts from God who came home repping a certificate for their inclusion on


That means all As for the last quarter!

You're hearing from one proud daddy right here!

Mebbie has been so consistently amazing in juggling her workload with her sports and her other activities...

And she did it again!

Loving people, loving her friends and classmates, loving her teachers and administration - and always being the empathetic girls she has proven to be time and time again!


And then there's this girl here...

The beginning of this year had been so challenging for her - made even more so by an adult in her learning environment who was breaking her spirit daily and stealing her joy.

Her grades showed it the first report of the year and her personality was even being affected - but THIS TIME!?

The joy coming out of her as she excitedly showed me she made "GOLD HONOR ROLL, DADDY!" was so real!

Some of this stuff doesn't come easy for this precious baby girl of mine - and I know how hard she had to work to get her grades up... and I couldn't be any more proud of her tonight.

And that broken relationship issue at school? It's been resolved and already - IN JUST TWO DAYS - we're seeing the old Meron back - tthe one excited about learning and organizing and being part of the class.

Praise God for that.

Girls - YOU DID IT - and Daddy is SO PROUD!

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