Tuesday, January 22, 2019

The American Church's Complicity in Racism

Woo hoo! It is finally here... the release day for Jemar Tisby's historical book, "The Color of Compromise" that details the history behind the American Church's complicity in racism.

WHOA!!! Right?

Come on now... not the church, right?


I mean - our family has had our own share of interesting interactions with the church including clueless, unqualified leaders and black-face wearing and defending elders...

But come to find out... that wasn't an isolated thing with us at all - matter of fact the very foundation of the American Church is rooted in deep racism - and this book does an amazing job of unearthing that, unpacking it and exposing it it through factual stories from the long history of the church here.

I am imploring pastors and church leaders in influential positions to read this book and allow their hearts to be changed, their mind to be opened to a truthful historical account of the American Church and how she came to be and came to be complicit in racism in the process.

Matter of fact - I have TWO MORE FREE COPIES to give away to a pastor or influential church leader who would be willing to join me in February to read the book and discuss it in a private Facebook group.

If that's you - please reach out to me ASAP!

And if you're not a pastor or church leader with influence - but still wanna get in on this reading and discussion - pick up a copy of the book here and shoot me a message and I'll add you to the group!

Here is one of the reasons I am super passionate about exposing the church's racist foundation and finding a real way to change it...

Her future in the church matters to me - and I want to see a future that holds ALL races in high regard...

And here is reason #2 that this book was so highly anticipated by me.

This girl loves Jesus with a passion unmatched by many... and her heart for equality and justice is just as huge as her love for the Lord.

The idea that the very church she has grown to love so much here in America has a sordid past that a blind eye has been turned to is heart-breaking to say the least.

And reason #3 is dead asleep in his room - or you'd see him too!

Praying big, expectant prayers for this book and the hopeful ripples it can make in America's Church Leadership circles... because honestly...

We need a rebuild...

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Kudos!! Gave a copy to a pastor in Kirkland, WA when I told him what its about. Its been a discussion in our family since I got it...not daily...but present.