Thursday, February 21, 2019

$127 and I Don't Know Why...

The girls had been gone about 3 days when the message came into me via Facebook...

There was a sense of urgency as I read it...

I learned my lesson early on when leading teams to Africa to not try and get in the way of the Holy Spirit - no matter what your other instincts may be trying to tell you.

And that's what I told them!

This thing on their heart... they just HAD to move on it!

I loved their humble, selfless obedience!

I told them I'd do whatever I could to help them out - and I'd contact the girls as soon as I could and fill them in!

So I waited until they were awake to let them know about this story that was unfolding...

I told them everything via Facetime.

I explained my own experiences with what I call "divine interruptions" - things God brings to us that we never could have planned for or put on our itinerary - and told the girls to be looking for areas the Holy Spirit may be leading them - and to definitely be praying!

I suggested they share it with the whole team and get everybody praying too - cuz discernment on a timeline can be scary sometimes!

And then we disconnected and they were off!

The next few days the girls got busy doing what they were doing there...

Serving others...

And loving kids!

And every time we'd chat at the end of a day - I'd ask about the $127 - and the answer was always the same... "We're not sure yet!"

But then Thursday came - and that night I had a pretty teary-eyed Facetime with my crew of ladies.

The girls had gone to an orphanage that day - home of one of the sweetest Brighton Academy students you'd ever meet - and she had given them a tour of where she lives.

And it WRECKED the girls.

(no pictures from here - but we wouldn't post them even if we had them because... DIGNITY)

So many emotions and feelings and thoughts for the girls... so much of their own lives being reflected back at them - so many heart tugs...

I was in tears on Facetime with them... for them... and as we talked - they felt like they knew what God wanted them to do with that $127.

The charity club at Brighton Academy has been wanting to do something with the girls from this orphanage - especially because a few of our own live there.

The girls felt like they were supposed to give that $127 as seed money for the charity club to start up their work at the orphanage.

Divine interruption indeed... see... the visit to this orphanage wasn't even on their week's itinerary. It wasn't planned... totally impromptu.

But man... isn't that just like God, though?

We can plan and plan and plan... even to be "His hands and feet" and all He needs is our willingness and He will direct us where to be.

I am so grateful for the self-less, generous person who heard Him and reached out in obedience. They didn't need an answer to why - just wanted to obey Him.

I messaged them what the girls decided... and they said:

I am beyond words thankful that He continues to give me a ring-side seat to His work. It's incredible what can be done when we get out of the way and hand Him our willingness.

Continually blows my mind.

$127... and now we know why!

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