Sunday, February 24, 2019

A Little One On One

Man... any time I get the impromptu chance to go shoot some hoops and even play a little one on one with this gorgeous princess...

I Jump on it!

Today we got to squeeze in an hour or so of time on the court... and I LOVED it!

And trust me - there's no "gimmees" out there with me - she worked hard and earned every basket she made - and she made quite a few!

She has absolutely fallen head over heels in love with this sport this year... carrying her ball around, dribbling, working HARD on her crossover...

So fun to watch her embrace something and work to be better!

And yesterday - while I was home on "sick Meron duty" - she ended up having one of her better games of the year!

Laura was texting me with the play-by-play the whole time and captured a short video of her in action to share too.

Do what you love, Mebbie... keep hooping!

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