Tuesday, February 19, 2019

A Thirst For Home

We were driving to the gym for some basketball when Mebbie said:

"Daddy... I read a new book today from our class library... I really liked it... it reminded me of ME."
She had my attention immediately.

She said the book was called "A Thirst For Home" and she explained that it was:
"about a little girl who was born in Ethiopia... but her mom had to put her up for adoption - like me - and she moved to America and would look into puddles and see reflections of her memories from back in Ethiopia..."

Deep stuff for anybody to process - let alone a 10 year old!

But anybody who knows Mebbie knows she ain't no regular 10 year old!

When we got to the gym - she helped me look up the book - I told her the picture on the front even looked a little like her!

She smiled and said "I know... I thought so too!"

Look man... it's not lost on me that I am not at all qualified for this. Zero experience to lead a beautiful princess like this, a daughter of a Heavenly King - through the tough things in life.

So I took a deep breath and said a silent prayer... "God... you got this, right?"

He does... He always does.

I told Mebbie I thought this was great and I was so glad she had read that book... and she was beaming.

I asked her how she felt - how it made her feel - and did she have any questions or anything she wanted to talk about... that I may not have answers but that I am ALWAYS willing to talk with her about anything - and that her story is glorious and beautiful.

She thought for a second... and then she said:
"Well... one thing I thought about a lot while reading it was that I was thankful for my brothers and sister. For Brighton and Zechie and Meron... because they have stories like mine - with adoption and Ethiopia - and I can relate to them so much..."
Oh my heart... I simply do not deserve the presence of this God-breathed beauty, this mature and loving and empathetic beautiful Queen in my life.

But holy moly am I thankful for her.

As quickly as we were on the topic - we were off - when she tossed me the basketball and said:
"Wanna play some one on one?"
I would have played ANYTHING to spend time with her right then.

We transitioned from orphanages, adoption, poverty and race to dribbling, free throws, pivot foot and jump shots in like 2 seconds.

And we may have been hooping - and she was laughing and smiling and darn near taking me to the basket - but my mind was busy thanking God... for His love, His presence, His words, His arms around my daughters...

Like I said... I don't deserve this.

But I'm certainly thankful for every piece of it!

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