Friday, February 15, 2019

Creative and Generous Friend!

Man... not only do we have some of the most creative friends around - they are also some of the most generous!

Our friend Shannon paints as part of her art therapy - to work through some of the very challenging hurdles she has been confronted with in life...

And we love her work!

So we were super stoked to get a package from her with paintings for each of the goofballs!

I absolutely love the colors and look and message she gave to each of the gang!

They were incredibly fitting for each goofball...

and we can't wait to get them hung up in their rooms!

Shannon has been such a selfless, relentless, generous supporter of Brighton Their World over the years - even supporting people she doesn't even know for trips through her artwork... and we couldn't be more grateful for people like her in our lives!

You honor Him so well, Shannon - thank you for the love you've showered on our crew time and time again!

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