Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Her Happy Place...

I've talked so much about Meron and Mebbie and the work they're doing over at Brighton Academy and the joy on their faces...

But I cannot forget about this lady right here!

Laura is absolutely in her zone... in her happy place!

Hugging on the kids we have come to know so well over the past few years at Brighton Academy!

I know how much joy this brings her... it's like we have 500 kids of our own and we're seeing them grow up right before our eyes!

And getting to be there with her mom again - I know that brings joy to her too!

At home - we spend like every waking moment worrying about these kids, working for them, trying to make sure sponsorships are there, funds are there, the school has all it needs, etc.

It's heavy, nonstop work. We are blessed and privileged to do it - but it's heavy and nonstop.

No furloughs. No time off. No vacations. No rest or recovery time...

But the visits in country? That's where the payoff is - and I see it in Laura's smile, her face, her joy...

I'm so grateful for you, Laura, and the work you do... enjoy those hugs! You deserve them!

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