Saturday, February 23, 2019

Influenza Go Away-za

Somebody was out of school sick yesterday and woke up this morning feeling pretty darned poopy.

And given that we have received TWO emails from the school regarding flu "outbreaks" - we decided to get her in this morning and get her checked out because she and I were scheduled to head to the mountains on Sunday for an adventure.

One nose swab later and the verdict was in:

Influenza Type A


This diagnosis had us feeling all sorts of ways...

The mountain excursion was cancelled (re-scheduled though!) and we hunkered down to try and heal.

This one spent the gross majority of the day just like this - and it was so needed!

I'm feeling a bit under the weather too (please no flu, please no flu, please no flu...) so I stayed home on "Monitor Meron" duty.

And these goofballs took advantage of the need to get outta the house and went and spent a fun dinner out with Mommy.

Here's to better days tomorrow and fast healing!

Get outta here flu! Nobody invited you!

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