Tuesday, February 26, 2019


Our friend Tony recently posted this picture of Mebbie that he took back in 2012 for a Brighton Their World promo...

What What WHAT???

And I couldn't help but think about that picture this morning when I walked out on the front porch with THIS big girl!

Good grief this girl is growing up... and what a beautiful, shining, glowing, radiant, loving, empathetic and compassionate soul she is!

Meron was still on flu quarantine and Z-Dogg and mommy were off at a doctor's appointment - so I got to walk this beauty to school all by myself.

I am so impressed with who she is - how she leans into God on a daily basis - and who she is growing into.

And I cannot believe I get to be her daddy.

I see you Mebbie... and I LOVE you!

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