Monday, February 11, 2019

Positive Call Home

Today was first day back at school for the girls after their trip.

Playing catch up with their class... slowed way down from jet lag and the emotional weight of the trip they just finished... excited to share with friends...

But what does Meron go and do?

Get recognized by her teacher as a student not goofing off and paying attention in class.

She earned what they call a "Positive Call Home" where her teacher calls us - and with Meron standing right there to hear - basically tells us all kinds of amazing and good things about our girl!

Then she sent us an email with this adorable picture of the Meronator and a quick note that said:

"Love this girl!!!! So blessed to have her in my class!!

I gotta say it - what a HUGE DIFFERENCE we have seen with her second semester teachers and how she is getting on in class.

Seriously, Mrs. H. - we are blessed to have YOU in Meron's world! Thank you so much for the way you love on and guide our girl through these rough years of growing up!

It matters - and we see you and how intentional you are!

And Meron!!! Girl... on a day that you could have EASILY been excused for fatigue, lack of attention, no focus, etc...

You CHOSE to be different than that!

I see you too, girl - and the incredible choices you're making!

Mommy and Daddy love ya girl - and we are super dooper proud of you!

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