Sunday, February 10, 2019

Putting In The Work

Last week Z-Dogg put in a pretty miserable effort on his spelling test - walked out with a measly 50% on there...

I was determined to make this week different!

So what's that mess up there ya ask?

Oh that's the daily effort (sometimes 2x a day) that Zechie was putting in for this new week's spelling words.

We were determined.

He wrote them out - multiple times - spelling them as he went.

Then he'd come to me - we'd do a drill - and he'd be off to re-write any words he missed.

Then... Friday morning after breakfast - the day of the test - we did a little PRE-TEST at home!

Honestly - he didn't nail it... and I was nervous.

The whole walk to school we went over the ones he missed - we worked on the sounds - the words that were "-ai" and the words that were "-ay"

We prayed it up - and we let it rip!

So at 3:25 PM - when I walked up to get him - guess who was SUPER DOOPER STOKED?

You got it - Z-Dogg got a 100% on his spelling test!

He was so so so excited to tell me all about it - how he almost got "paint" wrong but then remembered me stressing the "T" sound at the end.

He was super proud... and he should be!

Help a kid learn to spell - and you'll see just how darn confusing the English language is!

Way to work hard and see that payoff, Z-Dogg!

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