Sunday, February 17, 2019

Such an Amazing Experience...

A week from being back - with jet-lag SLOWLY disappearing - these two beauties sat down this afternoon to start working on their thank you cards to all the folks who helped them go on this trip this year!

About an hour into it - Meron yells for me to come out there and says:

"There's something on your desk... open it with Mommy..."
So I head over to my desk...

To find this Thank You Card sitting there addressed to me and Laura.

Opened it up to read the sweetest message from our big girl on behalf of her and her sister.

Not that I for a second questioned the weight of this trip for the girls - but man - it has surely had a visible impact on their lives.

And look at her... Ethiopia looks SO SO GOOD on her!

No thanks needed, sweet girls - it was a blessing and privilege to watch you guys thrive!

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