Monday, February 4, 2019

Three Generations!

This picture is just insane to me.

Almost ten years ago now - we threw together a quick business plan, articles of incorporation and a logo - and launched our little grassroots nonprofit to try and make a dent in the space of nutrition and orphan prevention.

Never in a million years would we have thought that it would turn into a top-notch school named after our son - providing two meals a day, water and an excellent education to almost 500 students in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.


But God knew.

And now - this week - three generations are at the school - serving together!

Three generations - each impacted at different seasons of life - by a land and people we have come to love so much.

You guys... only God writes these kinds of stories.

I'm posting this here after sharing it on social too because I never, ever wanna forget His goodness.

Grateful for where we've come.

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