Thursday, March 28, 2019

City Above the Clouds

Laura decided to take the goofballs on a little day trip up to what they call the "City Above the Clouds" - or Woodland Park as we know it!

We were worried that we weren't giving the goofballs some extravagant Spring Break excursion... not that we fall prey to comparison - cuz we don't - it's just that "insecure parent" thing in us wishing we could give 'em the moon when honestly - it's just not doable...

But our crew didn't care!

Cuz this trio is having a blast just exploring locally and hanging out!

A good park is a good park... no matter where it is!

And these guys love a good park!

And love just "hanging around!"

And truthfully... they ADORE their mommy and just love spending time with her!

After they worked up an appetite - Meron spotted a local Mexican restaurant to hit up!

And I love that Laura kept sending me these phone pics at work so I felt like I was hanging with them!

They weren't done yet though - cuz they scored some FroYo before they headed back down the mountain!

Tonight... the day caught up with all three of them as yawns and sprawled out bodies took over the couch!

Their collective feelings about the day when I got home and asked them:

"We had the BEST day daddy!"
And those six words soothed our souls.

We have some of the best kids on the planet... in my absolutely biased opinion!

Good times Goofballs... GOOD TIMES!

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