Friday, March 29, 2019

Daddy Spring Break

This crew right here... they love me at such depths!

I know I don't deserve it but holy moly am I grateful for it!

Today... I had one of those days at work that just sucks. Where people disappoint ya. Where everything seems heavy and mentally exhausting that translates to physical exhaustion by the time the day ends.

I stumbled in the door beat down... only to find this on my desk!

My crew had been bummed that daddy didn't get a Spring Break from work like they did from school... so what did they do?

They proclaimed this weekend "Daddy Spring Break!"

And they had the whole night planned!

They had banners made and displayed for the show they put on for me...

Meron even wrote a original song that she sang for me and Laura even got in on it!

They put so much effort into the visuals!

My heart was about to explode from the love they were pouring out on me!

They ended the night by going to grab my favorite MOD Pizza and then setting up a fun family game night of Pictionary!

I asked... "Who was behind all of this?"

Laura looked at me and said, "Who do you think?"

This girl loves her daddy far more and far deeper than he deserves... grateful for her and her brother and sister!

Goofballs... you totally made my day and the first day of "Daddy Spring Break" was a hit!

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