Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Future Project Manager

Man... I absolutely love this girl's energy and willingness to take on so much!

Between church and school and choir and sports... the girl juggles a lot.

And last night she got SERIOUS about her time management!

She built a "morning time pre-school schedule" to help her stick to it and get done what she needed to get done!

So far - two days in - she is killing it - and has even built in time to get that bed made (a historical challenging thing for her!).

I love that she also allowed some time to watch a little TV (probably a cooking show) before school... hey - if she gets it all done - she earned it!

Tonight I was trying to encourage her in how awesome she was doing and told her that if she did this stuff for 21 days... it'd become a habit!

That seemed daunting to her... but not to me!

See... I know this girl... and when she puts her mind to something - she just kills it!

She can come be a project manager for me ANY TIME!

Way to make a plan and stick to it, Meron!

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