Monday, March 11, 2019

Hands Off!

While the phenomenon is bizarre to us... the solution is simple really...

Just DON'T touch their hair!

I mean... I know it's like a known "thing" and we had experienced it before - but lately it's gotten outta control!

An utterly strange fascination with touching the kids' hair.

People desiring to literally put their hands in it.

Sometimes they ask... most of the time they don't wait for an answer and just head right in to the hair.


And we as a family... are done with it.

Wanna touch her hair? Don't be surprised when you get that finger wag from Mebbie.

We've empowered all three of them - the owners of the heads that the hair is attached to - to simply say "NO!"

From teachers, to classmates, to church volunteers... everybody seems dead-set on getting a handful of their hair.

Picked Z-Dogg up from Sunday School the other day and saw the helper in the classroom literally pulling, stretching, flattening, squeezing and pushing his hair all over like it was some sort of human hairy head stress ball.

What on earth?

Talking over the weekend and today about how they don't have to allow ANYBODY to touch their hair and Zechie said:

"Good... cuz that hurted my head when she was doing that..."
So watch out now... cuz we've given them plenty of responses ranging from "NO!" to:

"Okay - can I have your credit score?" or,

"Sure - what's your ATM pin number?" or,

"After you tell me how far in debt you are..."

And many others... I mean - you wanna rub your hands in their personal space - they're gonna come in yours too.

So... the best way to avoid this look from Meron?

Keep your hands out of her hair.

The three of them summed it up best when asked how they felt about it:
"It's super weird and makes me feel like some kind of freak or something..."

"It's just odd. I don't ever ask to touch anybody's hair. The thought never crosses my mind..."

"You work so hard at helping me do my hair and I want them to stop messing it up."
From the mouths of the hair owners... let's respect that!

Compliment their hair with your eyes and mouths... not your hands!

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