Thursday, March 7, 2019

Love Does

Man... I am super duper stoked about this right here!

See - Meron is taking part in a pretty intense leadership program at our church - designed to help her grow in her relationship with God while developing her leadership skills and giving her exposure to what it takes to make the local church run.

She's been so gung-ho about it... it's been really cool to watch.

Tonight - she jumped into her first "daily devotion" as she read chapter one of "Love Does for Kids" by Bob Goff... and I am loving that I get to do it with her!

She jumped right in with the same amount of energy she has had for this entire program!

Chapter 1 was about mistakes and how they can NOT pull us further away from God and His love.

What an excellent lesson we ALL need to learn!

This ain't no joke either... there were study questions that went right along with it and they are expected to journal out their answers.

There's just no way I could be more proud of this girl right here.

It was such a privilege and blessing to sit down with her - pray over the study and over her and over what God might wanna say to her during this time of growing and learning and seeking Him.

Stay strong and keep chasing Him, Meron!

And never, ever, ever forget...

You are a product of His love!

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