Friday, March 22, 2019

Me and My Girl

This trip has been cancelled and rescheduled TWO TIMES due to flu...

But not this time!

We're finally here to experience the Christmas present Meron got of a dog sled tour!

We rolled in to Leadville, CO - at over 10,000 feet in the sky - to a whole lot of snow still around!

Should make for an awesome sled tour tomorrow!

I mean - look at the snow depth outside our hotel window!

And we're on the third floor!


We're on the first but that snow we're looking at is like 3 feet deep!

This girl here... she has my whole entire heart.

She grabbed my hand while we were walking through downtown Leadville after dinner and said:

"I absolutely love spending time with you, Daddy..."
Good grief... I do not deserve the gift of this human.

We haven't even seen a dog or a sled yet - and this trip has already been etched into a permanent place of my heart and mind.

Tomorrow... we wake up early, eat some grub and head to the dog place.

And I can't wait!

I love you, Meron... let's go get pulled by dogs!

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