Saturday, March 16, 2019

My Little Warrior

This girl here... she's my mini-me. All day long...

She's bold, she's confident and she's willing... and raising that mixture to seek discernment as it runs into situation after situation after situation in life that all need to be addressed is CHALLENGING!

Super challenging!

One of the things that happened to me when I let the Holy Spirit into my heart - was the vengeful me changed.

I had lived 30+ years of my life as a very vengeful person. If I was wronged - or somebody I cared about was wronged - it was ON.

Retaliation was my first thought with no seeking of discernment at all.

But as Jesus took hold of my heart - I started noticing how He was replacing vengeance with forgiveness.

It was the biggest proof to me and those who really knew me that there had been a true change in me.

But feel me - even to this day - it ain't easy.

Today I had an interaction with somebody who... well - truthfully - I'm just not a fan of.

This person attacked my family, drug us through the mud, set us up, turned people against us and jealously lied on us - all with a plastic smile on the whole time.

That plastic smile was still there today - as they purposefully placed themselves in my world again... and yet I surprised even myself with my reaction.

I was calm.

I was peaceful.

I was civil.

I was also on flu meds - but hey let's give Jesus the credit - not the meds!

But let's get back to my warrior here!

As I parent her and walk through life by her side - I relate SO MUCH to her desire to go after every single wrong.

It's hard to discern when to move and when not to.

But my baby girl is doing an amazing job of standing for what's right!

She's honing her methods - and we don't always get 'em right - but we grow and learn and keep going - standing for what HE would.

But her look here - is pretty much how I feel as I re-evaluate today's interaction with that individual.

I feel like I only have one response like today's in me.

So hear me... don't do that again.

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