Saturday, March 30, 2019

Would You Be Willing...?

Meron came up to me this morning - literally like right after rolling outta bed - and said:

"Daddy... I know you exercise and work out a lot already... but would you be willing to do some strength training with me?"
Are you kidding me?

Girl! You only have to ask daddy that once!

So after my regular morning workout - and a day of hanging out - we hit the gym again this afternoon for session one of strength training!

I was so stoked to be there with her - and so was she!

We did a pretty good warm up to get the blood flowing... and then we jumped right in!

We did dead lifts, squats, dead rows, clean & press, biceps, triceps, shoulders, lunges, abs and stretched!

And we spent a LOT of time really focusing on her form and making sure we were doing it right!

To say she was wiped out afterwards would be an understatement!

But she was happy and already talking about the next session!

And forgive the grainy, low-res phone picture... but I was so proud of this girl that I just HAD to get a pic together!

I can't wait to get back in there and see what kind of progress she makes over time!

Meron... you were awesome and showed so much initiative! Never give up!

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