Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Growing Up

Man... they're growing up... whether I wanna admit it or not!

And freedom and ownership and responsibility is something they're gravitating towards.

And lately they've been flexing that muscle by going on longer bike rides with just themselves - no parents!

And they love it!

We've mapped out the route - we know where they are... but to them... it is pure FREEDOM!

They're navigating roads, watching out for traffic, people, animals... and in their world... this is a HUGE DEAL!

I'm proud of them and the people they're growing into.

And sometimes it takes something as simple as an independent bike ride to remind me how fast the days are flying by!

Stop, Father Time... STOP!

Monday, April 29, 2019

April Twenty-what...???

It wouldn't be late April in Colorado if a little pop up snow storm didn't attack us on our way home from the YMCA tonight!

Z-Dogg was cracking up at the huge flakes getting stuck in his hair... and we were both kind of in awe of it all given we ate dinner outside last night nd played in the street til the sun went down...

But that's Colorado for ya.

Don't trust the first glimpse of Spring... ever!

Stay crazy, Mountain Town... STAY CRAZY!

Sunday, April 28, 2019

No Mercy Four Square

After a fun dinner outside on the porch tonight - Meron got this group into a wicked game of Four Square...

And who do you think won?

I'll give ya one guess...

Yep... this crazy Meronator took 'em down!

So Mommy subbed out and brought in the big guns...

And it was on and popping!

There was blood (for real - Meron got a WICKED bloody nose that bled all over!)

There were tears (Z-Dogg shed a tear over the fact that he kept getting put out!)

And there was an UNDEFEATED daddy because I show no mercy and there are no gimmees around this camp (and I'm kinda competitive to a fault)!

But ya know what... we all played STRONG!

And we had a blast!

Man... i LOVE these kind of nights with these guys...

I fight them sometimes cuz I act like I got so much to do - but then they get me out there and i have a blast!

Thanks goofballs - for keeping daddy young!

Saturday, April 27, 2019

A Bunch of Kids

Hung out with some of my favorite kids at the school playground today!

I love that this is like a 2 minute walk from our house...

And which kid did we have to worry about hurting themselves...???

Mommy of course!

Who then quick-slid down the slide creating a goofball sandwich at the bottom!

Oh... and we also shot our album cover for our upcoming hip-hop and spoken word album...

Man... these kind of chill out days are the best!

Stay goofy, Camp Hoffman!

Friday, April 26, 2019

That Girl Was Kung Fu Jumping

The girl has some hops!

Throw in a kung fu kick while jumping and she is DEFINITELY owning the cul de sac!

And the joy on her face is just the icing on the cake!

Keep leaping, Mebbie!

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Mister Man with a Mic

Well... check out this little dude!

Somebody signed up for a speaking part at the assembly!

And while it is way outside his comfort zone - we were all excited to go watch him at the first grade assembly!

The whole family was there to support him!

I was watching him through the camera viewfinder and could see his nervousness as the mic progressively got closer to him.

But he knew his lines and he ROCKED it!

Big sisters were there too (one was off "covering" the event for the school newspaper)... and little man felt the love!

Way to face a fear Z-Dogg! You were great!

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Her Love For Her Furry Friends

The dogs in our house are awesome - they love us so much...

But they LOVE LOVE Meron!

I mean - the girl has special powers with them.

They flock to her and they know they're going to get nothing but an outpouring of love from her!

And honestly - they bring her a special bit of peace too.

And I LOVE LOVE LOVE that they have each other.

The way she cares for, adores, loves and cherishes her furry friends says something true and tender and loving about her heart.

I am super glad we're a "dog family."

Meron... never lose the love you have for animals... and fill your house with dogs girl... i know that's your plan!

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Celebrating the Goofballs

Had these guys on my mind all day long!

Rough week at school for the girls and I just wanted to celebrate these three goofballs and the amount of joy they bring this household!

Like this bold, confident and strong leader here!

Always ready and willing to stand up for what's right and defend those in need of defense!

Or this girl here - with enough empathy to go around for everybody!

Her ability (and willingness) to connect with people and their feelings and emotions is incredible!

And of course there is this guy...

Crazy as he is (and trust me... he's CRAZY) - he knows how to love well and brings humor to every situation!

They bring joy to my every single day that simply cannot be replicated or replaced!

Daddy loves ya, guys... never stop being the YOU that you are!

Monday, April 22, 2019

Handsome and Silly

Real talk... we're in trouble with this little dude.

I mean seriously... he is like the cutest, most handsome little dude around.

We get it homie... you're cute!

But on top of that - he's the goofiest, silliest, funniest little man around!

And honestly - it feels like a lethal combo as he grows up!

Dear God... help us all.

Z-Dogg... tone down your cuteness and silliness, partner!

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Why We Have Our Hope

Easter Sunday... what an absolute "chill day" today was for us!

And we LOVED it!

Since we attended service at church last night - we had options for the day and we exercised them!

We slept in (if 8:00 AM counts as sleeping in).

We had a big, fat fairly whole30 compliant breakfast that mommy whipped up!

These three goofballs dug in on some coloring of some eggs...

And their patience paid off with some deep, gorgeous colored eggs!

I shall remember their patience as I eat them this week!

There was some fun to be had in their easter baskets... not to mention some NOT whole30 compliant goodies!

We headed out as a group to enjoy some game time at Starbucks - and I read them some stuff about today from the bible on the way.

See - today is super special for disciples of Jesus.

It's THE day really.

It's why we have the hope we have!

And all week I have focused on the things leading up to the holiest weekend ever... sharing with the goofballs all that went down.

And while this day is super special for sure... here's the deal: we try to live EVERY SINGLE DAY remembering this stuff.

We don't always get it right... but we certainly try!

After our game time was over - we headed out for a short hike in a local area around here to just admire some of God's handiwork...

And then it was:

Annual Family Photo time!

Of course we had to get out our seats and jump around!

And it wouldn't be a "Camp Hoffman Photo Shoot" without someone yelling "BBoy poses - go gangsta!"

But this one here - this did it for me.

We were all laughing and smiling and it just feels like we captured the reality of the moment.

And tonight - I can't stop looking at it.

I think about today - and what we celebrated - and the hope His sacrifice gives us - and I look at my crew - and darn it - I get stupid emotional.

Cuz I don't deserve them - and I don't deserve this hope... both of them a HUGE gift to me.

This hope is real. And while I won't beat anybody about the head and shoulders over it - I wish EVERYBODY had it.

If you're curious about why we celebrated what we did today - or what it has looked like in our lives to receive this gift of hope - and wanna talk about it - PLEASE holler at any member of our crew - and we'd love to tell ya about it.

Happy Easter - from our crew to yours!

Saturday, April 20, 2019

She Caught Me!

I was running a hair behind to Mebbie's soccer game tonight and when I got there - I started snapping pics of my beautiful long-legged athlete out there on the field...

It was funny - as I watched her through the viewfinder - way across the field - something alerted her to me taking pics i guess - as she looked my way...

And then - as she realized I was there - that Mebbie-Smile spread across her face...

Until she was beaming!

I love watching this girl play! Her athleticism is fun to watch - but what tops it all is her love and joy for the sport and for others.

Always smile out there Mebbie - NOBODY can take that from ya!

Friday, April 19, 2019

Money Saved For Car

I saw this envelope hanging on the refrigerator and I needed some answers!

So I identified that handwriting and went straight to the source:

The Meronator, of course!

She quickly opened it up to show me what she had... and went on to explain her plan of saving as much money over the next 5 years as she could so she could buy a car when she got her drivers license!

I ain't fighting that plan!

I absolutely adore this girl's ambitious spirit!

Good luck Meron... can't wait to see what kinda whip you're riding in!

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Growing Up Zechie...

Dear Zechie...

I see you, bro bro. I just want you to know that.

I know it might seem like life is all about rules and authority and listening and learning right now... and it certainly doesn't seem very fun at times.

But I need you to know this... I see you.

I was your age once. Shocking... I know.

But I was. And I know how tough growing up can be for a fiercely independent, strong-willed, defiant little dude.

I may not have had your ridiculously dope haircut and seriously cute looks - but I knew the struggle of growing up.

And hear me buddy... we got you. We got your back.

We are in your corner. We WANT you to win!

So please... know that I see you.

I see how hard you're working and you're trying.

And I'm proud of you... and proud to be your daddy.

Always here for you, brother!

Love always ~

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Siblings AND Friends

I had two accompanying walkers on my quick walk tonight...

And as we cruised the 'hood... I was struck with just how much these two love each other!

They're more than siblings... they're actually friends too!

Mebbie puts up with a LOT - there's no denying that...

But this I can assure you... Z-Dogg looks up to her SO MUCH!

I hope this relationship only grows stronger and they NEVER lose it!

Tuesday, April 16, 2019


This girl here is our resident artist - she LOVES to draw, color, design and just create stuff in general.

So who else would we go to when we want to commission a drawing on the kitchen blackboard?!?!

She is so stoked about it and has already generated a few mock ups for us to look at and choose from!

I love seeing her be creative... it brings her joy and life and lots of smiles!

Can't wait to see what you make, Mebbie!