Saturday, April 13, 2019

An Invitation

Mebbie was super excited this past week to let us know that she got invited to be part of the National Elementary Honor Society!


She spent a good portion of the day working on her application... she is so excited and really putting a lot of thought into what she is writing.

For example - she wrote this about her character:

Character is defined as "the morals and qualities that make up an individual." I always strive to be respectful, kind and empathetic when someone is sad. I am a good friend and I always try to find the good in everybody
This is a GREAT self-assessment because it is ALL true!

There was so much more amazing things she wrote down... I can hardly believe this is coming from her 10 year old head!

Mebbie... you embody all of the things that the National Honor Society looks for in their members and they will be blessed to have you in there!

Good luck, Mebski Love!!

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