Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Celebrating the Goofballs

Had these guys on my mind all day long!

Rough week at school for the girls and I just wanted to celebrate these three goofballs and the amount of joy they bring this household!

Like this bold, confident and strong leader here!

Always ready and willing to stand up for what's right and defend those in need of defense!

Or this girl here - with enough empathy to go around for everybody!

Her ability (and willingness) to connect with people and their feelings and emotions is incredible!

And of course there is this guy...

Crazy as he is (and trust me... he's CRAZY) - he knows how to love well and brings humor to every situation!

They bring joy to my every single day that simply cannot be replicated or replaced!

Daddy loves ya, guys... never stop being the YOU that you are!

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