Sunday, April 28, 2019

No Mercy Four Square

After a fun dinner outside on the porch tonight - Meron got this group into a wicked game of Four Square...

And who do you think won?

I'll give ya one guess...

Yep... this crazy Meronator took 'em down!

So Mommy subbed out and brought in the big guns...

And it was on and popping!

There was blood (for real - Meron got a WICKED bloody nose that bled all over!)

There were tears (Z-Dogg shed a tear over the fact that he kept getting put out!)

And there was an UNDEFEATED daddy because I show no mercy and there are no gimmees around this camp (and I'm kinda competitive to a fault)!

But ya know what... we all played STRONG!

And we had a blast!

Man... i LOVE these kind of nights with these guys...

I fight them sometimes cuz I act like I got so much to do - but then they get me out there and i have a blast!

Thanks goofballs - for keeping daddy young!

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