Sunday, April 21, 2019

Why We Have Our Hope

Easter Sunday... what an absolute "chill day" today was for us!

And we LOVED it!

Since we attended service at church last night - we had options for the day and we exercised them!

We slept in (if 8:00 AM counts as sleeping in).

We had a big, fat fairly whole30 compliant breakfast that mommy whipped up!

These three goofballs dug in on some coloring of some eggs...

And their patience paid off with some deep, gorgeous colored eggs!

I shall remember their patience as I eat them this week!

There was some fun to be had in their easter baskets... not to mention some NOT whole30 compliant goodies!

We headed out as a group to enjoy some game time at Starbucks - and I read them some stuff about today from the bible on the way.

See - today is super special for disciples of Jesus.

It's THE day really.

It's why we have the hope we have!

And all week I have focused on the things leading up to the holiest weekend ever... sharing with the goofballs all that went down.

And while this day is super special for sure... here's the deal: we try to live EVERY SINGLE DAY remembering this stuff.

We don't always get it right... but we certainly try!

After our game time was over - we headed out for a short hike in a local area around here to just admire some of God's handiwork...

And then it was:

Annual Family Photo time!

Of course we had to get out our seats and jump around!

And it wouldn't be a "Camp Hoffman Photo Shoot" without someone yelling "BBoy poses - go gangsta!"

But this one here - this did it for me.

We were all laughing and smiling and it just feels like we captured the reality of the moment.

And tonight - I can't stop looking at it.

I think about today - and what we celebrated - and the hope His sacrifice gives us - and I look at my crew - and darn it - I get stupid emotional.

Cuz I don't deserve them - and I don't deserve this hope... both of them a HUGE gift to me.

This hope is real. And while I won't beat anybody about the head and shoulders over it - I wish EVERYBODY had it.

If you're curious about why we celebrated what we did today - or what it has looked like in our lives to receive this gift of hope - and wanna talk about it - PLEASE holler at any member of our crew - and we'd love to tell ya about it.

Happy Easter - from our crew to yours!

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