Tuesday, May 28, 2019

A Little Jaunt at 7,500 Feet

This past Sunday Laura and the girls headed out on what is quickly becoming their regular Sunday run on their fun little 4 mile loop comfortably located at 7,500 feet!

It was warm - so Z-Dogg and I decided to drive out there and try to find them so we could bring them some water...

Finally they emerged over a hill - and they were stoked to see us!

Meron took a little break and Z-Dogg jumped in in her spot!

I love that in ALL of this wide open space... Mebbie sees this:

And she insists on a picture be taken of it!

Eventually Meron jumped back in with them and they finished out the loop together!

I met back up with them at the end of the trail and got to jump in a picture with my crew!

Super proud of these guys for getting it all together and keeping us mobile and running!

Way to make it a habit guys - KEEP RUNNING!

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