Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Colorado Spring (Almost Summer)

In what supposedly is a "freak happening" - we woke up to this craziness outside this morning!

it was almost 12 inches of heavy, wet, white stuff all over the place!

My work was delayed 2 hours... the kids school was cancelled.

That's right...

A snow day 10 days before June!

Z-Dogg found it absolutely unacceptable!

I mean - do you blame him?

the pool opens up on Monday!

And even though I LOVED running in it... I have to agree with him on this insanity!

He didn't let it keep him down though... instead he flexed in its face!

And real talk - it was almost all gone by this evening and the warm temps and sun are coming right back!

But seriously...

Go home, Colorado... you're drunk!

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