Monday, May 20, 2019

Futbol es Terminado

Another season of soccer came to an end this past weekend as Mebbie wrapped up her spring soccer season with a final game!

I love watching Mebbie play her sports...

Her long, lean athletic self looks right at home out there!

And the competitor in her LOVES being out there too!

I love some of the stuff this game has taught her - like taking a knee when an opponent gets hurt on the field...

Or cheering on the other team as well - something her coach does every game!

He's a great guy, with a great heart out there coaching for the right reasons!

And he LOVES Mebbie!

Matter of fact - dude loves his whole team - that he he has worked hard to keep together for several seasons!

And Mebbie loves it all too!

So what do ya do to celebrate another successful soccer seson in the books?

Ya eat a donut bigger than your head - that's what!

Excellent season, Mebski Love!

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