Thursday, May 30, 2019

Habesha Connection

We knew Washington, D.C. has a large Ethiopian community - and it didn't take long for us to tap into it during our first few hours here!

As we walked down the street - Meron would see somebody she thought was from Ethiopia and she'd yell, "Habesha?"

They'd smile and yell back... it was awesome!

Then - tonight at dinner - we connected with this sweet employee of the hotel restaurant who has been here for 3 years from Ethiopia.

She was smitten with the goofballs - and her friend - our server (non-Habesha) was equally as awesome!

We had some amazing conversation over dinner that helped to...

restore some faith in humanity!

And we needed it... cuz... well...

We took a little trip down here to let them know how we feel!

And our presence was needed - a reprieve from the barrage of red hats and the oddly placed "build that wall!" chants...

I love these guys here - they ain't afraid to represent some truth!

Stay strong Camp Hoffman! Tomorrow we visit the home of a warrior - Frederick Douglass!

Represent, represent!

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