Sunday, May 19, 2019

Music Makes Me Extremely Joyful!

This girl right here LOVES to sing!

Recently - she wrote this for a project she was working on at school:

"For my genius hour project, I choose THE HISTORY OF SONGWRITING. I chose this topic because I have always loved music and how happy it makes me.

Music is special to my whole family - not just me! My dad was a rapper and my mom sung on a few tracks.

Music makes me extremely joyful. Every morning I get up and get ready as fast as possible to get as much time as I can to sing."
There ya have it... she LOVES to sing!

Recently he had her end of year choir show... and she was chosen to speak at the beginning!

I mean - is there really anybody better to tell us to keep our phones off and be on our best behavior?

i think not...

And then... then there were her eyes!

The girl has ZERO ability to keep her face cool...

She pretty much has a "resting crazy face."

But once the singing really kicked in... that is all she is about!

Her joy from singing brings me joy daily....

Meron - you are amazing - and the joy you gain from singing is the joy I gain from seeing you sing! NEVER STOP.

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