Thursday, June 27, 2019

Daddy Daughter Date Part II

TWO daddy daughter dates in ONE week?

Yes, please!

Tonight Mebbie cashed in one of her daddy coupons and off we went!

We started with a favorite drink on the patio... but the rain started so we headed back inside.

We had some great conversation... about a boy who has a crush on her (I got my eye on him!) - her nerves about 5th grade (math scares her), her excitement about 5th grade (meeting new people) and so much more!

When the rain stopped - we hit the sidewalks and walked around window shopping and chatting!

We even saw some little brand new bunnies that Mebbie fell in love with!

This little girl right here... she's gonna change the world!

I can't wait to see what this precious gift does with what He has given her!

Dads... date your daughters!

Let them know that they are gifts and you are blessed by every second you spend with them!

Mebbie... daddy loves you girl... can't wait til next time!

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