Monday, June 24, 2019

Daddy Daughter Download

Meron was gone all weekend for her very first church retreat - and I wanted to hear all about it from HER!

So tonight - she cashed in one of her "Daddy Coupons" from Christmas and we headed out on a date so she could download her weekend to me!

She was so excited to tell me everything about the retreat... but first...

We had to get the goods!

We took up shop on the patio - a beautiful Colorado evening - perfect temperature, beautiful view of Pikes Peak and she looked at me and nervously said:

"Where do you want me to start?"
So precious... I told her I wanted to hear it ALL - so start at the beginning!

She started giving me the breakdown - and I could tell she was trying to remember each thing - when suddenly she sheepishly reached in her pocket and pulled out a piece of paper - saying:
"I do have the schedule right here if you think that would help..."
So precious to me...

She had packed that schedule up to bring along specifically for our talk... so I told her to bring it out and lets go through it all!

And then she just started sharing everything!

She shared all about:
- the arrival time and the cabin set up
- exploring the grounds and meeting her cabin mates
- every snack and meal they had
- dodge ball!
- kayaking
- every teaching session and what she learned
- worship "with a live band... they were really good!"
- how quickly her cabin mates all connected and got along
- how the stuff being taught was all stuff we talked about at home... cool!
- how she left feeling closer to Jesus and desiring to be better
- how she prayed for a stronger connection with her brother
- how happy she was that her mommy was there as a leader

And so much more!

Holy moly... my heart was full!

I couldn't be more proud of her - for her leadership skills, for her attitude, for her willingness - but mostly just about who she is - how she loves and where she finds her identity!

Meron... thank you so much for tonight's date - and for still wanting to share every bit of everything with your old goofy daddy.

May this never change!

I love you and I am proud of you, Meron!

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