Saturday, June 29, 2019

Getting Our Bake On!

I think we opened the flood gates cuz Meron decided to cash in yet another one of of her "Daddy Coupons" this weekend!

This time... an afternoon of baking something yummy together!

First - we hit the store to buy the needed ingredients for the recipe of her choice... and then we got busy!

Of course - any good baker rocks a hat, an apron and MAKES SURE IT TASTES RIGHT!

Soon enough we had these two gorgeous pieces cooling on the racks!

And since it was a double layer cake...

we decided to sneak some surprises in between!

This giant hamburger of a cake looked good enough to go to town on right here... BUT WE WEREN'T DONE!

Meron got busy on some cream cheese icing to give our masterpiece the final touches!

And she did an amazing job covering it all up!

I must say - that finished product was looking DOPE and DELICIOUS!

This girl was super proud - and she should be - this thing turned out GREAT!

And tonight - after dinner - the whole family confirmed that it WAS awesome as we tore into it for dessert!

As delicious as that cake was... and it was SUPER DOOPER GOOD... the best part of the entire thing was hanging with my girl and watching that smile never leave her face!

Can't wait to bake again, Meron!

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