Sunday, June 16, 2019

Props to the Good Ones

I have had something like 40+ jobs in my life. Forty plus different roles...

But hands down the best role I have ever been assigned to is this Daddy-ing gig.

Best gift ever!

Historically - this day - this weekend - all the "dad stuff" is a difficult time for me for a bunch of reasons I won't even start unpacking out here.

But God is so good - and He has been redeeming this day and this weekend year after year after year and bringing me around to seeing this who are owning this job - not shying away and putting in the work to do it right!

4 goofballs... one in Heaven who holds my heart forever and three of them right here with me - every morning - loving me, challenging me, encouraging me, inspiring me...

Fatherhood... it ain't for the faint of heart. But I try to take it super seriously, have super fun and leave a legacy and impact that my crew can be proud of.

And I see a bunch of guys out there doing it - putting in the effort and inspiring me along the way.

To the dads out there who care enough to try, to fail, to get back up and keep on keeping on... I salute you!

Happy Father's Day!

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