Saturday, July 6, 2019


I got a lot of things bouncing around in my head lately... sad things, angry things, hurtful things, glad things, happy things...

All competing for space.

Truthfully - we as a country don't feel all that removed from a time like the picture above depicts.

That's heartbreaking.

And I've got people in my world - those close to me - those not close to me - that have surprised me around the current climate of our society.

Some good surprises... some not so good surprises.

Humanity has me twisted.

I saw this quote on the wall in Washington, D.C. during our trip there earlier this summer - and it led me to choose my word for the rest of the year...


So many people wanna turn a blind eye to our past - to the very foundation upon which our country was built and continues to operate.

And not an ignorant, innocent turning of their eyes - but a willful shunning of the past - because that past is dark, it is scary, it is oppressive, it is hard... and it is true.

But like this quote says - how the heck can we know where we are heading - know what we need to fix, correct, address, change, grow to get there... if we refuse to see where we are coming from?

How do we do that?

We don't... that's how.

Forward progression always relies on knowing where we were and building on it.

Every time I drive... every day - I spend a good amount of time looking in the rear view mirror. It keeps things behind me from running me off the road.

And even though some would rather not address or acknowledge the past... I am gonna.

And here are three of the main reason why!!

These guys deserve a much better future - a much better world - and we CAN get there - but we have to learn and grow from our past - and to do that we have to acknowledge that past so we don't repeat it and instead - defeat it.

It's painful... but it's for the better.

Let's acknowledge so we can grow!

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