Monday, July 15, 2019

Thanks For Being A Good Human!

Man... tonight we got to hang out with our friend Jesse... a dude we haven't seen for like 14 years or something crazy like that!

And ya know what....?

Nothing has changed!

We fell right back in line like we hadn't missed a day!

We took him to show him some of the coolness of Colorado (until lightning started freaking us out a bit)... and then we went and broke bread and just hung out.

As we were leaving, I felt compelled to say to him:

"Thanks, Jesse, for being a good human..."

Isn't that sad? That we have to thank the good humans when we come into contact with them... but we do... cu they're RARE!

But he is definitely one of them and we're grateful for who he is!

And we're committed to not letting 14 years go by again!

Come back soon, Jesse!

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