Saturday, August 17, 2019

Can I PUH-LEEEASE Scrub the Bathtub?

Who asks that?

Mebbie does, that's who!

I was all set to hunker down and throw some elbow grease at the NASTY bathtub in Z-Dogg's bathroom... when Mebbie showed up and said:

"Oooohhh - daddy - can I scrub the tub? Puh-leeeaaase? I LOVE scrubbing the tub!"
I pinched myself... and it was real...

This girl dug in and scrubbed that thing super dooper clean!

All with a smile!

Matter of fact - both of these champions helped me out like crazy today!

Baked a breakfast casserole, pulled weeds, picked up dog poo, vacuumed house, cleaned kitchen... and even managed to squeeze in almost 5 miles on the elliptical too!

Girls... daddy is SUPER IMPRESSED at all you guys did to help out today!

Thanks for being champions!

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